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Friday, October 17, 2008

Its Fall!

Well its Fall again, and you know what that means for me and Appomattox. That means Railroad Festival and getting ready for the holidays. Here we go...

Here is Tray Eppes and Pat, playing at the festival. Hes one of our favorite singers and he gave us a pretty awesome plug as his sponsors.You can see our signs behind him.

The famous tree at the studio. I have been told that its always the first tree to turn in the fall, and its the second oldest tree. I dont know if I believe it, but I do know that its wonderfully beautiful!

I decided to start early this year so that I could have a really cool ornament during the holidays. These are the base for the bells Im going to make! Cool huh? I welcome any other suggestions for holiday ornaments.

Here is evil Nacho telling me to get off my butt and go to the studio so I can finish those bells.
Thanks for looking!

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Michelle said...

I like your black cat. I think my cat would like your cat. Are you looking for a new cat. My cats name is MEME, she likes to bit people. Oh and she likes water.
Long time.