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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Time to ring those bells!

For several reasons...

Play the video above to hear my bells ring!

What a huge pinnacle of my life, not only did I marry my best friend but I got a studio out of the deal!! I couldnt have asked for a more beautiful wedding and place to make pots. I hear people say that it is the best day of their lives, but for me, the months leading up to and the day of have been the best days of my life so far. Dont get me wrong, we had so much stress and crazy things that happened to us, but the experience will be one that I will never forget. I feel that I am closer not only to Eric, but to my parents as well. We all worked extremely hard, but it is so worth it! I feel that I owe a lot of favors... especially to Erics dad who not only helped but let us use all of his equipment, thanks Larry! And to my cousins Donny and Linda who really helped us on the plumbing and picking up the slack that others left behind.
We got our certificate of occupancy and are in the process of moving in now, of course it has to rain the few days I am off, but we will persevere!! Here are a few pics of the finished product for your enjoyment.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Water water everywhere....

We have been working day and night, so hard on our project that I have not had time to post anything on the blog. So, now I will blast it out with a few quick pictures. We got drywall in (yay!), portholes in, painted (no pic yet), the kiln, and dah dah dah daaahhhhhhh Water is flowing!!! My most favorite part.... (I dont like peeing in the woods) hahahah. ANYways, here goes the rest of the pictures, enjoy! Cant wait for you guys to see it in person pretty soon :)

Oh yeah, and now we have light, cant believe I forgot to mention that one.

Sweet water, how simple you are and how happy you make me!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Insulation and electrical.

We finished the insulation last night. Eric and Larry did a whole lot of work for this, especially sweating in the hottest week of the year! What a week to install insulation.

Pictures after a storm, thats right we got about 5 minutes of rain!!!

This flower and the flower at the bottom are results of a lot of work mom dad and I did a few months ago. These two flowers cost me about 40 dollars and 400 calories.

Thanks to cousin (not uncle) Donnie and his team from NC, we have electricity and a framed bathroom wall!!!


Outside meter base.

Another expensive flower.

I dont know how I am going to thank all of the people that have really put a lot of work into my studio. I suppose once I get to work in there Im really going to have to crank some awesome pots to give out to people, except Eric who already has too much of it ;) You cant even begin to imagine how much I appreciate you.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Things are really coming along at the studio, so much is going on that I havent had time to post. We chose a nice deep red color for the trim work, and its been a real fun time painting it! (psych)

There are so many freakin bugs out there and they all seem attracted to the fresh paint!!! This week we found out that grasshoppers eat the wood trim around doors.

What a pretty sunset this was!! As soon as I can, I will get pics up of the insulation and some interior.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Studio time

This corner is the bathroom. Later that day I think it was framed in. Its amazing how fast stuff gets done once you put your mind to it and your family working on it!!
Just wanted to post a few quick pics of the building. It even looks more different than this now! There is a barn door and we have started to paint the trim. Its a building!!!
My Dad, Eric and my brother all worked really hard last week painting the stain on the outside, youll be shocked at how different it looks now.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Oh yeah.... thats a roof!!

So picturesque! I love the silver tin against the blue sky :) Things are really starting to come together with the roof on. I think things are going to happen really fast from here on out, at least I hope so!

Inside the roof.

More framing is up and it feels so good!

So the bee balm is looking kinda dead, but it is still standing!!! However, the wisteria is growing rapidly and even the gladiolus are blooming. Ill take pics of those later this week when Eric is in!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

More things are happening!!

A new found friend. We shall call him Squishy and he shall be my Squishy!

Rafters are up and framing has begun.

Cant you just see the window! We can look out the window here and see who is coming to visit.

Here is some bee balm we planted last weekend. Still alive!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010



Look at that shiny new concrete. We got there too late to sign our names, but cant wait to walk on it!!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Its really happening!

First and foremost, the wisteria is growing rapidly on the fence. Gotta love some plant life.

Here is the big picture. It has all but one roof thing (yes this is a technical term) on it.

I really love it here. This studio is going to be so fantastic. The only downside? The bug life here is abundant, think Land of the Lost (Will Ferrell style). As soon as I got out of the truck I was attacked by mosquitos the size of Nacho!! And a bee the size of my truck. So, there you go folks, when you come to the wedding make sure to bring some bug spray and possibly a bb gun.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


We have finally broken ground on the pottery studio. Its so fantastic I can already see myself making work in there! Here are just a few building materials and such. For some reason, not all of my pics uploaded. I might go out and take more later, but this is a few just so you can see.

Eric was able to be at home for, oh about 20 hours or so. So, we took the family to see what was happening on the property. This is Eric's mom, Tammy! In the back, you can see the poles and plumbing in the far corner. It's looking really good and so far we are happy! This is a long time coming, so hopefully it wont be too much longer now.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

What a beautiful day..... to build a fence!

It has been about seven months since my last post, only because I havent had anything to post about. All that changed this last weekend as my parents made a visit. We decided we were going to start a fence and gate. I preordered all the materials and Tammy and Travis picked them up on Saturday morning. I didnt realize how large those posts were going to be, thank goodness Travis has the brute strength! Tammy and Travis were a huge help to us getting this fence built.

After a short run over to Travis' barn for some wood and a look at Larry's fantastic new workshop, we came back and finished the fence. Travis and Sam were nice enough to pull off some old wood from his barn and we cut it down to put on the fence! Larry is very handy with the chainsaw!!! Mom came up with the idea to pull off some wood out of the pile and make a very artistic blockade.

Needless to say, we were super done after everything. But, we have a wonderful new gate. It was definitely a family affair and Tammy, Larry, Travis and Sam were a huge help. Of course, I cant leave out my Mom and Dad... all you guys are the best, and I couldnt do it without you. Just remember.... this is only the beginning. hahahahah