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Sunday, March 14, 2010

What a beautiful day..... to build a fence!

It has been about seven months since my last post, only because I havent had anything to post about. All that changed this last weekend as my parents made a visit. We decided we were going to start a fence and gate. I preordered all the materials and Tammy and Travis picked them up on Saturday morning. I didnt realize how large those posts were going to be, thank goodness Travis has the brute strength! Tammy and Travis were a huge help to us getting this fence built.

After a short run over to Travis' barn for some wood and a look at Larry's fantastic new workshop, we came back and finished the fence. Travis and Sam were nice enough to pull off some old wood from his barn and we cut it down to put on the fence! Larry is very handy with the chainsaw!!! Mom came up with the idea to pull off some wood out of the pile and make a very artistic blockade.

Needless to say, we were super done after everything. But, we have a wonderful new gate. It was definitely a family affair and Tammy, Larry, Travis and Sam were a huge help. Of course, I cant leave out my Mom and Dad... all you guys are the best, and I couldnt do it without you. Just remember.... this is only the beginning. hahahahah