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Saturday, January 22, 2011


Before the holiday season, I was lucky enough to get an early Christmas present. My husband and father built some of the best pottery shelves I have ever seen! I love them, and... they roll! Hello awesomeness!

Before we had our wedding out here, my mom and I spent a lot of time on plants. Its started even at our separate houses early in the season. When it got too cold to have our plants outside, we didnt want them to just go to waste (the annuals) and so we salvaged a few of them so we can start it up again next year. Im excited for the warm seasons, just because I know the garden is going to be fantastic!!!!

Potters tend to be, like most artists, hoarders at heart. After years of making art you do tend to end up with a lot of things. However, these things prove to be very useful.... these are glaze chemicals. Most of you know that this amount of glaze chemicals doesnt even touch the tip of the iceberg in how many chemicals I could have. Oh, and yes that is a picture of me... the summer after I graduated high school I worked at Disney World. My loving brother and sister found this picture, blew it up, and presented it as part of the wedding toast they gave me. It was pretty funny.

My two wheels. The porcelain wheel is a Shimpo Whisper, its amazing and the best thing I have ever purchased for myself. I think the other one is a clay boss or something like that, I cant quite remember but I use it for my stoneware projects.

Making some creamer pitcher and sugar jar sets. Uhm and yes those are spoons.

My husbands saw. He is really making a lot of wood projects and I am so proud to be married to someone just as creative. He is working on a cold frame right now so we can have produce in the winter!

Commission work.

I even have the huge ass chalkboard that my parents saved from our basement at good old cobblestone lane. My brother and I played with this chalkboard all the time. I think we started most of our movie making projects here. And yes we did make a horror film.... dah dah dahhhhhh.

And finally, here are more plants that we saved. Its almost like spring has sprung in the studio.... almost. If it werent like 5 degrees, I would believe it.

Were getting a lot of things done in the studio, and we are both so excited to spend time there. Its a pretty great feeling to have a space to call your own. And now, we are wondering what projects might we take on next?

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