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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gettin things done...

We brought a lot of plants to winter inside of the studio, and some of them have recently started blooming. Especially my cyclamen (below), which only blooms around February/March. It was last years Valentines Day gift. I love gifts that keep on giving!

We also finally planted in the cold frame. We have potatoes, broccoli, lettuce, onions, garlic and cabbage. Those are all really good cold growing plants. Im thinking we may plant some apple trees soon. Sooooo excited about that!!

Ok, back to the real work. I started a glaze last week. The bane of most potters existence. It takes over your studio, and it is sooo messy. I never seem to allow myself enough time to get everything glazed in time and usually get really frustrated and crazed towards the end. Then there is always that one piece that you love and work on, but you crack a bit of glaze, have to wipe it and mess it up more, etc. etc. etc.... you know what I mean. Anyways, I am glad it is over for now.

This is a bucket of glaze. Most people have no idea what you talk about when you are saying you glaze something. Understandable! Before you become a potter, the only glaze you come in contact with is the donut kind. yum.

Here is what it looks like when its loaded.

Well, another case of me being the luckiest girl in the world!!! Im not kidding, my husband and dad put up a hanging system for my kiln. It helps me lift up the lid and secure it so that there isnt as much pressure on the back side. It was cracking a little and made me nervous. Eric and Dad are so amazing and great! And hello curtains! Mom and I spent the whole weekend making curtains out of the tablecloths i used at my wedding, yay for upcycling and bigger yay for my mom who knows how to do everything :)

Here is the whole load on the table. There are some amazing pots, and some not so good.

I started a round of glaze testing. I suppose I should stick on the positive side here, even though it is really hard to. I will just say, now I know what not to do! haha. I was looking for some nice pinks, purples, and a chartreuse color... but I got a peach, a light blue and a dark green blue. Gross.

Oh yeah and I had my first melt down in years. Yikes! Guess I will need a larger coil on the bottom next time. Serious disappointment!

And, this is some work from my private student. Shes making lots of progress!

Here are some of my pride and joys from the last kiln. I made some espresso sized mugs with saucer to fit under them and a deep dish casserole. Sometimes its really hard for me to not bring things like this home and never let anyone have them. But, they will be for sale... gotta make the bucks after all!

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