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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Spring trips and gardens

I am a super lucky person, and recently I got to take a trip with my mom to visit family in New Orleans. Of course, I have been there many times, but this time I tried to devote to art. We toured so many cool places and saw so many inspirational things. Nature is a big inspiration for me, so of course we went to several gardens and plantations that had gardens.

The coolest pottery related event was that I was able to do demonstrations for the advanced ceramic class at my sister in laws school. Here are a few pictures.

It seemed to go by really quickly and it was field day (you remember! Egg tosses, water balloons, etc.). I got out of dodge before the festivities, but I think I impressed these kids a little with my skills. Notice I did say "a little", they are teenagers after all.

Super botanical gardens pose. haha

We are planning on having a large garden this year, and since we have this property we can use up lots of space! There is quite a bit of wildlife though, and they certainly enjoy eating our goods. So, my husband and his dad built a fortress around the garden. Hopefully this will keep out all of the veggie eating animals.

My husband also builds birdhouses. We checked all of them, and they mostly had nests and baby birdies!!
Last but note least was the annual Mothers Day pottery sale at the Academy of Fine Arts. This place has been good for making and selling goods. Its also good for purchasing them! I have to keep my wallet in the car when I go. Here is what my booth looked like!

Happy Spring for everyone. I hope you all have yummy veggie gardens in the works. My next stop on Spring Tour is Philadelphia! Im so very excited to be visiting my friends John and Michelle in their new studio/home in the heart of Philly, and I am taking a train up there! It should be lots of fun and we all know that there is A LOT of ceramic work there (including John and Michelle), so I will post afterwords.

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