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Sunday, August 21, 2011


I have put new work up on my Etsy website, you should check it out!! Let me know what you think of the plates. These are what I consider "first generation", they next thing I would work on with these are the fact that they are quite heavy. Also, I will be adding colors!

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Well its finally summertime (some of these pictures are a little old) and things are really in full swing here in Appomattox. So many things have been happening its been hard to post. This year, our mountain laurel bloomed. I missed the full bloom by a week or two, but I got a few last minute pictures. The strange thing is that because our trees are so old and large and in a valley, the blooms all happen on the tops of the trees! So, its hard to tell when they are blooming.

We attended the Evergreen Lavender festival this year. It was pretty low-key but its always nice to be out in beautiful weather in a nice setting listening to some bluegrass music. My brother and his wife and kids came out to surprise us too!! It felt really special that they were able to come support me.

Last year I dried some of the sunflower seeds from the flowers at my wedding and they are taking over my garden, love it!

I have also started getting bored with the look and feel of the slip I use, so I decided to start testing some colored slips. Being the cheap-o (and poor-o) person that I am, I want to use the oxides that I own before I get mason stains. The mason stains also seem to be annoying because they keep discontinuing the colors I like. Also... they are expensive.

Making new casseroles, this one is particularly large and I like it that way! Definitely a family sized dish. This one will actually go to my mom because during firing, the handle popped out and it is unsaleable (boo)!! However, Mom really loves the pots she gets for free.

Our bird friend that guards the gate. We think he is a swallow, even though it is a bluebird house.

Last week I was lucky enough to take a vacation to Palm Coast Florida. While there we visited St. Augustine and the Lightner museum which houses several decades of interesting treasures. These are the things that caught my eye. The decoration and detail are exquisite in these pieces and very inspiring.

And last but not least, I have officially entered into my first functional cup gallery show. It is the Starbrick Gallery National Cup Show in Ohio. For those of you who are potters, you should consider entering next year. I am really excited about this and have entered the cup and saucer above as well as two other cups, hopefully atleast one gets in!! Wish me luck!