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Monday, June 23, 2014

New website!

Well, we are moving from Blogspot! Its been almost three years since I posted anything here. From now on I will only post news and events on my website. Please go to for any info.

Thursday, November 17, 2011


I have been working hard to get ready for this holiday season and below you will find a few pictures of the new pots I have made.
I have actually been working on some colored slips to go under my glazes. I didnt want to buy new materials, so I used what I had on hand. I think that they came out pretty successful, and here you see it on a new series of sugar and creamer jars and my holiday ornaments.
Well the holiday season is upon us, says the radio stations that started spreading Christmas music the second week of November!So I thought I might talk about a few places my work will be sold this season.
I will be selling at the Annual Cash and Carry sale at the Academy of Fine Arts which last from now until December 17 and you can go into either the Main St. gallery or the Arts and Education Lobby (where the theater is) to see work from so many local artists, including me!
There is also the 2nd Annual Baines Holiday Art show and sale. It happens upstairs at Baines during the downtown Christmas celebration on Sunday, December 4 from 1-6 pm. Not only will my new work be there, but so many other artists. Painting, jewelry, local prints, holiday cards, etc. So come on out!
And of course, last but not least, you can always get my work online at Kat's Pottery etsy website.
These are this years ornaments, I have made bells again and icicles! They can both hang from your tree or really help decorate any place that needs a little pizzazz!

Sunday, August 21, 2011


I have put new work up on my Etsy website, you should check it out!! Let me know what you think of the plates. These are what I consider "first generation", they next thing I would work on with these are the fact that they are quite heavy. Also, I will be adding colors!

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Well its finally summertime (some of these pictures are a little old) and things are really in full swing here in Appomattox. So many things have been happening its been hard to post. This year, our mountain laurel bloomed. I missed the full bloom by a week or two, but I got a few last minute pictures. The strange thing is that because our trees are so old and large and in a valley, the blooms all happen on the tops of the trees! So, its hard to tell when they are blooming.

We attended the Evergreen Lavender festival this year. It was pretty low-key but its always nice to be out in beautiful weather in a nice setting listening to some bluegrass music. My brother and his wife and kids came out to surprise us too!! It felt really special that they were able to come support me.

Last year I dried some of the sunflower seeds from the flowers at my wedding and they are taking over my garden, love it!

I have also started getting bored with the look and feel of the slip I use, so I decided to start testing some colored slips. Being the cheap-o (and poor-o) person that I am, I want to use the oxides that I own before I get mason stains. The mason stains also seem to be annoying because they keep discontinuing the colors I like. Also... they are expensive.

Making new casseroles, this one is particularly large and I like it that way! Definitely a family sized dish. This one will actually go to my mom because during firing, the handle popped out and it is unsaleable (boo)!! However, Mom really loves the pots she gets for free.

Our bird friend that guards the gate. We think he is a swallow, even though it is a bluebird house.

Last week I was lucky enough to take a vacation to Palm Coast Florida. While there we visited St. Augustine and the Lightner museum which houses several decades of interesting treasures. These are the things that caught my eye. The decoration and detail are exquisite in these pieces and very inspiring.

And last but not least, I have officially entered into my first functional cup gallery show. It is the Starbrick Gallery National Cup Show in Ohio. For those of you who are potters, you should consider entering next year. I am really excited about this and have entered the cup and saucer above as well as two other cups, hopefully atleast one gets in!! Wish me luck!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Spring trips and gardens

I am a super lucky person, and recently I got to take a trip with my mom to visit family in New Orleans. Of course, I have been there many times, but this time I tried to devote to art. We toured so many cool places and saw so many inspirational things. Nature is a big inspiration for me, so of course we went to several gardens and plantations that had gardens.

The coolest pottery related event was that I was able to do demonstrations for the advanced ceramic class at my sister in laws school. Here are a few pictures.

It seemed to go by really quickly and it was field day (you remember! Egg tosses, water balloons, etc.). I got out of dodge before the festivities, but I think I impressed these kids a little with my skills. Notice I did say "a little", they are teenagers after all.

Super botanical gardens pose. haha

We are planning on having a large garden this year, and since we have this property we can use up lots of space! There is quite a bit of wildlife though, and they certainly enjoy eating our goods. So, my husband and his dad built a fortress around the garden. Hopefully this will keep out all of the veggie eating animals.

My husband also builds birdhouses. We checked all of them, and they mostly had nests and baby birdies!!
Last but note least was the annual Mothers Day pottery sale at the Academy of Fine Arts. This place has been good for making and selling goods. Its also good for purchasing them! I have to keep my wallet in the car when I go. Here is what my booth looked like!

Happy Spring for everyone. I hope you all have yummy veggie gardens in the works. My next stop on Spring Tour is Philadelphia! Im so very excited to be visiting my friends John and Michelle in their new studio/home in the heart of Philly, and I am taking a train up there! It should be lots of fun and we all know that there is A LOT of ceramic work there (including John and Michelle), so I will post afterwords.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Its about time!

Wow! What? I can't believe it, a coupon? Oh yes, this is correct. You can now use coupons on etsy. So, I am having a spring cleaning sale!! Get your Mom a gift here, or something from the Easter Bunny. How about a birthday gift or maybe even Christmas. Its never too early to stockpile! If you are local, I can bring it to you so we can pass the shipping. Just use the coupon code spring20 in the proper areas and remember this is an etsy only sale. Click here to go to my etsy store. Good luck and thanks for looking!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gettin things done...

We brought a lot of plants to winter inside of the studio, and some of them have recently started blooming. Especially my cyclamen (below), which only blooms around February/March. It was last years Valentines Day gift. I love gifts that keep on giving!

We also finally planted in the cold frame. We have potatoes, broccoli, lettuce, onions, garlic and cabbage. Those are all really good cold growing plants. Im thinking we may plant some apple trees soon. Sooooo excited about that!!

Ok, back to the real work. I started a glaze last week. The bane of most potters existence. It takes over your studio, and it is sooo messy. I never seem to allow myself enough time to get everything glazed in time and usually get really frustrated and crazed towards the end. Then there is always that one piece that you love and work on, but you crack a bit of glaze, have to wipe it and mess it up more, etc. etc. etc.... you know what I mean. Anyways, I am glad it is over for now.

This is a bucket of glaze. Most people have no idea what you talk about when you are saying you glaze something. Understandable! Before you become a potter, the only glaze you come in contact with is the donut kind. yum.

Here is what it looks like when its loaded.

Well, another case of me being the luckiest girl in the world!!! Im not kidding, my husband and dad put up a hanging system for my kiln. It helps me lift up the lid and secure it so that there isnt as much pressure on the back side. It was cracking a little and made me nervous. Eric and Dad are so amazing and great! And hello curtains! Mom and I spent the whole weekend making curtains out of the tablecloths i used at my wedding, yay for upcycling and bigger yay for my mom who knows how to do everything :)

Here is the whole load on the table. There are some amazing pots, and some not so good.

I started a round of glaze testing. I suppose I should stick on the positive side here, even though it is really hard to. I will just say, now I know what not to do! haha. I was looking for some nice pinks, purples, and a chartreuse color... but I got a peach, a light blue and a dark green blue. Gross.

Oh yeah and I had my first melt down in years. Yikes! Guess I will need a larger coil on the bottom next time. Serious disappointment!

And, this is some work from my private student. Shes making lots of progress!

Here are some of my pride and joys from the last kiln. I made some espresso sized mugs with saucer to fit under them and a deep dish casserole. Sometimes its really hard for me to not bring things like this home and never let anyone have them. But, they will be for sale... gotta make the bucks after all!